• Nut Series
    Nut Series
    Nut is nut and bolt or screw fastening screw together to the function of parts, all production machinery must use a component. There are many types of nut, we have the common national standard, German standard, British standard, American standard, nut, mark.
  • Backup Ring Series
    Backup Ring Series
    Refers to the mat in the fitting between the nut and parts. For flat shape of the metal ring, commonly used to protect by fitting the surface of the nut scratches, scattered nut on the fitting of a pressure.
  • Bolt Series
    Bolt Series
    Mechanical parts, with nuts cylindrical threaded fasteners. By the head and the screw (with external thread of the cylinder) of two parts of fasteners, to cooperate with nut, used for fastening the two parts with hole.
  • Pins Series
    Pins Series
    In mechanical, pin mainly used for assembly positioning, also can be used as connection level and relax the overload safety device shear connection. Pin type: cylindrical pin, taper pin, perforated pin, cotter pin and safety pin, etc.
  • Retaining Series
    Retaining Series
    Tighten cast parts on the shaft, can prevent other parts on the shaft in motion. Made using wire cutting technology, cross section is round.
About Us
   Our company was founded in 1998, we are committed to become a professional fastener production and supplier. Our main products include dental article A193 B7 / B7M and DIN975, heavy hexagonal nut A194 2 h / 2 hm, 10 s and DIN6915 A563M, heavy A325 hex bolt/A325M, A490 / A490M, DIN6914, washer F436 / F436M and DIN6916, hex bolt ANSI/DIN933 DIN931 / DIN912 12.9/8.8/10.9 and so on, our major markets including Europe, Japan, Middle East, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the United States. In the past few years...

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