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Starting from 1998, we are aimed to be a professional manufacturer and supplier of fasteners. Our main


Products include Thread Rods A193 B7/B7M and DIN975, Hex Heavy Nuts A194 2H/2HM and A563M


10S and DIN6915, Hex Heavy Bolts A325/A325M and A490 and DIN6914, heavy Washers F436/F436M


And DIN6916, Hex Bolts ANS/DIN933/DIN931/DIN912 8.8/109/12.9, Anchor Bolts with J type of L type


Bolts etc. Our main markets are Europe, Japan, the Middle East, South Korea, South-East Asia and USA,


And in the past years, with our high quality and competitive prices we have gained high reputation among


Our customers.


We are also supplying Stainless Steel Fasteners with material of SUS304. SUS316 and SUS316L, and


We are very competitive with the quality and price also.


From the very beginning, we supplied must be qualified at least as per the standard. We will not supply less-than standard goods.

That is the basic honesty of business, and also that is the basic social responsibility we should take.


Value: we must create value for customers. So we are always listening to customers and try to know more


About our customer’s needs.  We meet our customer’s needs and create at least normal value for them, and


We hope we could enhance such value through our effort.


Better in the last detail: we try to be better in the details, because we think the value is accomplished and


Possibly enhanced by different details, like something outside of the quality itself, such as packing, delivery,


Service, finance etc.


If you have any inquiry of our products, please feel free to contact with us.

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